The Seven Seals
Seven Dials sundial pillar
The Seven Seals
Founded by: Jaxon Hall
Mime-lord: Jaxon Hall
Notable members: Paige Mahoney
Eliza Renton
Nicklas Nygård
Nadine Arnett
Danica Panić
Ezekiel Sáenz
Headquarters: Seven Dials, I-4, Scion Citadel of London

The Seven Seals is a clairvoyant gang in the criminal underworld of Scion London. Named for its seven members, who take aliases based on the Biblical seven seals, the Seals are one of the many gangs that make up the citadel-wide syndicate. Based in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, specifically Monmouth Street, it is the dominant gang of I Cohort, Section 4, or I-4, under the direct employ of the gang's mime-lord, Jaxon Hall.



Jaxon Hall founded the gang. He chose Seven Dials as their headquarters due to its location in the central cohort, where the syndicate was strongest. It was built around the pillar with six sundials on a junction close to Covent Garden's black market.

He hired Eliza Renton after she responded to his pamphlet, On the Merits of Unnaturalness, and at some point became involved with Nicklas Nygård. Paige Mahoney was recruited by Nick and joined the gang in 2056 when she was sixteen years old and soon became Jaxon's mollisher. Paige's arrival was followed by those of Nadine Arnett, Ezekiel Sáenz, and, finally, Danica Panić.

On November 1, 2059, as a result of the fourth scrimmage, the Seven Seals were broken due to Paige's public challenge to Jaxon. Nadine and Zeke stayed at Jaxon's side, while Nick, Eliza, and Dani sided with Paige.[1]

Employment and membersEdit

Jaxon Hall employs the Seven Seals. Their false clairvoyant names as below:


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