Nicklas Nygård
Nicklas, Leiana
The Red Vision
Vital statistics
Full name: Nicklas Alvar Nygård
Status: Alive
Born: 30th October 2031
Age: 28
Residence: I Cohort, Section 3
I Cohort, Section 4
Home: Mölle, Sweden
Nickname: Nick
Species: Human
Occupation: Doctor and researcher at SciSORS
Clairvoyance type: Jumper: Oracle
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green
Skin color: White
Significant other/s: Ezekiel Sáenz
Parents: Bryndís Ingadóttir
Rune Nygård
Siblings: Karolina Nygård †
Allies: The Seven Seals
Allegiance: The Seven Seals
The Mime Order
First appearance: The Bone Season

Dr. Nicklas Alvar "Nick" Nygård (30th October 2031 –), also known as the Red Vision, is an oracle in Jaxon Hall's clairvoyant gang, the Seven Seals. He is Paige Mahoney's best friend. He was born in Sweden and studied in the Scion Citadel of Stockholm before moving to the Scion Citadel of London to work for SciSORS. He divides his time between his Scion life and his work for Jaxon in I-4.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Nick was born in the village of Mölle, Sweden in 2031 to Bryndís Ingadóttir and Rune Nygård. The couple had one other child, Karolina. The family would often return to Mölle in the summers to go fishing and swimming. Karolina was later killed by Scion.

At seventeen, Nick moved to Britain to familiarize himself before officially starting his job in London. When he arrived, he had a vision of Jaxon Hall, who he later saw in person in Trafalgar Square. Jaxon was shocked to see a voyant with a red aura. The two went to a coffeehouse, where Nick agreed to be Jaxon's mollisher and the first member of his gang, the Seven Seals.

Physical descriptionEdit

Nick is described as very pale with winter green eyes and blond hair.


Nicklas is a name meaning "people of victory" and is a variant of Nicholas, one of seven "qualified men" in the first-century Christian congregation[1].

Alvar comes from the Old Norse name Alfarr, meaning "elf warrior"[2].

Nygård is a Scandinavian surname meaning "new homestead" or "new farm"[3].

References Edit

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