Liss Rymore
Liss, silhouette
Vital statistics
Full name: Liss Rymore
Status: Deceased
Born: c. 2036
Died: c. 2059 (aged 23)
Residence: The Rookery, Sheol I
Home: Cradlehall, Inverness,
Scottish Highlands
AKA: XIX-49-1
Species: Human
Occupation: Harlie
Clairvoyance type: Soothsayer; cartomancer
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark
Affiliation: Harlies of Sheol I
Allies: Paige Mahoney
Julian Amesbury
Enemies: Nashira Sargas
First appearance: The Bone Season

Liss Rymore (2036 – 1 September 2059) was a longstanding resident of Sheol I, where she was principal performer in the Rookery, specializing in aerial silks. Her Rephaite keeper was originally Gomeisa Sargas. Along with Julian Amesbury, she became one of Paige Mahoney's closest friends and allies during her time in the colony. Liss was a cartomancer and once read Paige's cards using the ellipse spread.



Liss was born in the Scottish Highlands in 2036.