Augur is a type of clairvoyant that uses organic matter, or elements, to connect with the æther in order to predict the future.

Types of augursEdit

Vile augurEdit

  • Anthropomancer
  • Chiromancer
  • Drymimancer
  • Extispicist
  • Haematomancer
  • Oculomancer
  • Osteomancer

Common augurEdit

  • Anthomancer
  • Botanomancer
  • Capnomancer
  • Daphnomancer
  • Dendromancer
  • Halomancer
  • Libanomancer
  • Pyromancer
  • Rhadbomancer
  • Spodomancer
  • Sycomncer
  • Tasseographer
  • Theriomancer

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